Integration Services

It is a service provided by Level One to facilitate the users of your organization the possibility of solving technological problems, allowing you to concentrate on what is truly important, your business.

Applying ITIL methodology, our service has evolved, executing with a high degree of efficiency.

Service Desk proposes a single point of contact where your employees will resort to solve incidents and raise any needs that may arise in the use of information technology. All of this allows you to improve the performance of your staff, reduce the costs of IT and support infrastructure, using them efficiently and guaranteeing their availability.

The first objective is to facilitate the normal operation of the service defined by SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the least impact on your productivity.

  • Accessibility is increased through a single point of contact, communication and information
  • Better use of IT resources
  • Increases the productivity of company staff
  • Improve internal customer service, satisfaction and perception
  • Greater quality and speed of attention to customer requirements.
  • Better teamwork and communication
  • Quality information for managerial decision making
  • Accessibility is increased through a single point of contact, communication and information
Nuestros Servicios
  • Service Desk
  • On Site Support
  • IT Outsourcing/Insourcing/Cosourcing
  • Help Desk de servicios integrales
  • SAP & Oracle Service Desk
  • ITIL consulting
  • Services 7×24 On site / On call
  • Operation Data Center
  • Network Support Services
  • Operation Data Center
  • Network Support Services
  • Coverage throughout the country
  • Service Desk Software
  • Automatic inventory management
  • CRM solutions

Technical and field assistance. Our technical assistance team provides on-site help and troubleshooting, complying with the most demanding service levels on the market.

A system POS, is the combination of a computerized system, specific software of  Pos, a monitor, a cash box, a barcode scanner, a card reader, a fiscal printer, a keyboard and other peripherals.

Nivel Uno POS.It has designed point of sale solutions that integrate specific developments for all types of commerce. We combine cutting-edge technology with our assistance service with coverage throughout the country.

  • Consulting and development
  • Scanners and Terminals
  • TouchScreen Monitors
  • Programmable keyboards
  • POS software
  • After Sales Service
  • Physical installation
  • Help desk
  • On Site Support
  • Bematech official technical service

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Technology at your fingertips. Connect your business to the future and discover what Bematech technology can offer. Fast terminal with a high level of performance that optimizes the space of your point of sale.

  • Touch screen.
  • Attractive, modern and robust design, maximum stability when touching the screen.
  • Resistant to liquids.
  • Supports a wide range of operating systems.
  • It serves as a platform for a large application base.
  • Supports wireless lan and allows portability outside of wired surfaces.

Fiscal printers with a compact and modern design, prepared for any type of commercial establishment.

Robustness, high speed and definition of printing, the best solution for points of sale with the highest work demands.

  • Consulting and development.
  • Scanners and terminals.
  • TouchScreen monitors.
  • Programmable keyboards.
  • POS software.
  • Post Sales Service.
  • Physical installation.
  • Help desk.
  • On Site Support.
  • Bematech official technical service.

Sell ​​with card


The best solution for your business.
Personalized attention: +549 011 4858-2150

Complete Form for your Lapos

    Trade Data:

    Bank Data:

    Terminal Data:

    Requirements and information

    Be sure to sign the forms before submitting them

    You must also attach the following documentation:
    • AFIP registration certificate.
    • Proof of registration of Gross Income.
    • Proof of Bank Account and CBU.
    • Photocopy of DNI, of the signatory of the forms.
    If the registration is for a company, it must also be submitted:
    • Statute of the same
    • If the signatory is a proxy, the power of attorney must be presented.
    • Contract for the assignment of quotas and minutes of capital increases (if applicable).
    • DDJJ VAT + Payment coupon + Presentation coupon

    Maximum Tariffs

    • 3% for credit card
    • 1.5% for Debit cards

    In compliance with Law 27253/2016, no duty will be charged on sales made with a Debit Card to Monotributista businesses.

    Accreditation Term

    • Cabal – Visa – Master:
      -Debit Card 48 business hours
      -Credit Card 48 hours. for installment sales
      18 business days for sales on a Payment
    • American Express
      -hrs. for sales in installments 21 days for sales in a Payment

    Technical service

    A convenient way to solve problems and request new services: 0810-333-0300

      Our products

      LAPOS, the most modern and efficient network of POS terminals, provides useful and tailored solutions for business generation. Accept all debit credit cards and take advantage of all the benefits of the market.

      • For traditional sales shops, with a telephone line
      • Requires connection to telephone line and power supply.
      • For businesses without a telephone line, delivery services, merchants without a fixed place of operation, fairs, events, etc.
      • It uses cellular networks to operate.
      • For businesses with Internet access. It reduces sales times, reduces communication costs and clears the telephone line for other uses. etc.
      • Desktop terminal that operates with the Internet and / or telephone line.

      LaPos Mobile turns the mobile into a Pos. With an application and a band reader device, you can operate with credit and debit cards.

      ¿Qué es LaPos Web?

      It is a service of LaPos that allows your business to carry out operations from any computer with an Internet connection. Ideal for merchants who operate by telephone sales.

      Compatible: Can be accessed from any browser (Explorer V.7.0 recommended).
      Secure session: It has security standards that guarantee the protection of confidential information.
      Automatic lot closure: The system closes transactions every 24 hours.
      Online sales tracking: You can view the sales history (made, approved, denied or pending) and download it.

      What are the benefits?

      • Authorization and capture of transactions in real time.
      • Operations with multiple numbers of establishments.
      • Creation of different profiles, according to the responsibilities of each user.
      • Cancellation or return of transactions.
      • Online consultation of sales history and generation of various reports.

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